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A defense of strong atheism

This post is addressed at weak/agnostic atheists and makes an argument for strong atheism. If you believe in God, stop right here. The post will be useless to you, since you are probably not being rational about your beliefs anyway. … Continue reading

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Emergence of attention mechanisms during compression

It just dawned on me. When we want to compress, we have to do it in one or the other incremental fashion, arriving in description lengths of intermediate length during the process. Also, there will be different paths that we … Continue reading

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Hierarchical epsilon machine reconstruction

Having read this long paper by James P. Crutchfield (1994) “Calculi of emergence”, I have to admit, that it is very inspiring. Let’s think about the implications. The first achievement of the paper is the definition of statistical complexity. Note … Continue reading

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Curious abstractions: how do we know that circles don’t have corners?

A simple but deep question. Why do we want to know this? In order to speed up compression we have mainly considered two ideas, exploiting the compositionality of functions that generate data (incremental compression) and exploiting power laws in natural … Continue reading

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Universal approximators vs. algorithmic completeness

Finally, it has dawned on me. A problem that I had troubles conceptualizing is the following. On the one hand, for the purposes of universal induction, it is necessary to search in an algorithmically complete space. This is currently not … Continue reading

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My best paper

I have presented this paper in the AGI conference in New York this year. Some theorems on incremental compression It presents a general way of speeding up the search of short descriptions of data that is made up of features … Continue reading

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The merits of indefinite regress

The whole field of machine learning, and artificial intelligence in general, is plagued by a particular problem: the well known curse of dimensionality. In a nutshell, this curse means that whenever we try to increase the dimension of our search … Continue reading

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